Anping Yunde Metal Co., Ltd  founded in 1988, mainly specializing in the production of steel plate net, punching net, and specializes in the design of the wind dust-controlling nets and fence netting and manufacturing. We are a vibrant, development, innovation ability of production-oriented enterprises.

    Shipping company all the way led screen industry, it has been more than 30 multiple plate web application products and peripheral products, product marketing at home and abroad, including Japan, Germany, Britain, Australia, the United States and other overseas countries. The company has passed the certification of ISO9002/9001/14001.

    Company specializing in the production of metal mesh, has all kinds of punching machine more than 50 Taiwan, is the present domestic production board network of leading enterprises. Company ten separate production technology, production thickness 0.3 ㎜ ~ 10 ㎜, maximum width 2600 ㎜ all kinds of metal mesh.

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