Mesh is also called the perforated plate nets, coal washing nets, filters, speaker mesh, filter mesh, oil net, checkered plate, decorative wire mesh, sound insulation net, mine screen mesh, screen mesh, sound insulation board, windbreak dust-controlling nets (according to use classification).

Mesh is divided into long round hole, square hole, hole, triangle hole, herringbone hole, the plum blossom bore hole, cross hole, louvers, scales, tortoise shell hole, hexagonal hole, elliptical hole and other members of the opposite sex mesh (according to the classification of groove).

Material: low carbon steel, stainless steel plate, copper plate, nickel plate, galvanized sheet PVC, aluminum plate.

Features: smooth surface, smooth, beautiful, can spray paint or polishing, durable, many choices of aperture and arrangement, good sound-absorbing effect, lighter weight, long wear resistance, easy to processing molding, has a wide range of USES.

Make: stamping.

Usage: mining, pharmaceutical, food selection, indoor sound insulation, sound attenuation, grain ventilation, electronic products and art design, make furniture, mechanical protection.

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