Steel mesh also called expansion of the network. It is based on the original piece of steel plate is made of the latest technology after cutting expansion, its net body is lighter and bearing capacity is strong.

Steel material including ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel plate, galvanized sheet, aluminum plate, aluminum foil, lead plate, nickel plate, titanium plate, etc. The shape of the mesh with standard diamond, hexagon, chevron, tortoise shell shape, shape of design and color; According to the thickness and the mesh data and can be divided into tiny type, standard type, heavy, special, etc.; According to the needs of customers, the surface can be galvanized, plastic spraying, plastic, paint, such as oxidation treatment.

Products are mainly used for: filter, air conditioning, satellite antenna, non-slip pedals, outdoor furniture, mechanical protection facilities, construction machinery, decoration, furniture, supplies, etc. Product best-selling domestic building, metallurgy, shipbuilding, automobile, chemical industry, oil field, household and other large and medium-sized enterprises, and exported to Japan, Singapore, Australia, the United States, Europe and other countries.

Steel mesh according to pass mainly divided into: diamond hole steel plate net, hexagonal steel nets, profiled orifice plate mesh

The diamond hole plate mesh:

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